04: Perfect vs. Imperfect Information

Games of imperfect knowledge are much more common than games of perfect knowledge. This is because one of the key elements of gameplay is challenging the player to hypothesize about the game worlds, forming her own internal picture. The degree to which this picture matches the real thing depends very much on the logic and inference skills of the player. It is much harder to design a good game without the element of mystery. Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams of Peach Pit

Starcraft 2: The Nuances of Scouting

Discussion: The Roll of Mystery

How important is it to engage a gamer's curiosity during gameplay? If the power of human curiosity is not used, what are the effects of perfect information on a gamer's psyche? Is it possible to blend both, or is there a risk of an experienced player interpreting their imperfect knowledge as chance?

Decision: How much should the player know?

In your group, decide the role perfect or imperfect information will have on your game. As you discuss, think about the requirements XYZ has for their game, and if your decision fits those requirements well.

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