Chapter 5: Elements of Chance

Games involve many different forms of chance, some of which are perceived rather than real. A more appropriate term for this end of the spectrum is uncertainty, or unpredictability as to the outcome of a game. All games by definition involve a degree of uncertainty, for if the outcome of a game were ever entirely certain or predictable there would be no point in playing it.David Partlett

The Game of Craps

Many of the classic Casino games are considered games of chance. From Roulette to Poker, these games all feature some mechanic of chance which the player has to rely on to win. The game of Craps magnifies this by the fact that the "shooter" rolls the dice for everyone at the table. Your strategy (next topic in the class), then, would be to minimize your losses if the shooter does not roll what you want.

Reflection and Discussion

After reading Chapter 5, what is the purpose of chance in a game? Will you incorporate any elements of chance in your game? If so, what type of mechanic will it be? If not, why not?

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