Chapter 2: Mechanics, Dynamics, Goals

When playing a game, players seek challenge, mastery and reward, all packed in entailing and motivating activities. From this stems the importance of gameplay as a crucial game design cornerstone, and game mechanics as tools that the player has to interact with in order to carry out gameplay activities. Carlo Fabricatore

Call of Duty Wall Running

The Call of Duty franchise has been the target of many jokes in the gaming community because of how many versions they churn out. However, in the more recent versions, they have included some new movement mechanics that are drawing some people back to the games. Now that the games are more futuristic, players can use the mechanics of wall-running, sliding, and jet-boosting which change the dynamics of a match.

Reflection and Discussion

After reading Chapter 2, what is the major difference between a mechanic and dynamic? As you start the process of re-design, what are some of your initial ideas for goals and mechanics that you will try to implement in your re-design of Outrun?

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