Chapter 11: Targeting a Market

"Our industry has a remarkable upward trajectory. Computer and video games are a form of entertainment enjoyed by a diverse, worldwide consumer base that demonstrates immense energy and enthusiasm for games. With an exciting new generation of hardware, outstanding software, and unmatched creativity, technology, and content, our industry will continue to thrive in the years ahead." Michael D. Gallagher of the ESA

Not Just for the Basement Anymore

For a long time, video games had a negative stigma attached to them. They were perceived as something for the basement, or something to be done in isolation. Not anymore. What surprises do you see in the ESA publication?

Reflection and Discussion

After reading Chapter 11, do some research on Generation Z. What are the capabilities of an 8 - 10 year old? What considerations need to be taken in order to create strategy game with this generation in mind? How does your game have mass appeal like XYZ specifies?

Warning: do not underestimate the abilities of an 8 - 10 year old. They can learn Chess easily. They might not be a grand master Chess player, but they can learn the game.

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