Beta Testing

Penny: You mean like a beta test?
Leonard: Well, technically, this would be an alpha test. A beta test requires people that weren't involved in the development of the appli....
Penny: Seriously, do I not get credit for knowing beta test?
Leonard: No, absolutely you should.
The Big Bang Theory

Beta Presentations

Tonight, you will present the second design iteration of your redesigned game. The catch of the beta test process is that it is no longer up to your group to ensure that the demo goes smoothly, but instead, volunteers from the audience. Your game should have smooth and easy enough gameplay so that they will only use you for gentle nudges in the right direction. Online students have the option of incorporating friends, siblings, or parents, but this is not a requirement as it might not be possible for all.

The requirements for the presentation are as follows:

Assessment Criteria

Since this is the beta, the assessment criteria is different than the alpha test. There is a total of 30 points for this assignment:



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