Introduction to Game Design

I'm pretty d--- sick and tired of all the patterns necessary to beat video games. I want a challenge, not a memory exercise. I got enough of that in history class back in school. Joe Santulli of Digital Press

GAME101 Course Description

SigmaThis course is an introductory overview of the video game development process with an emphasis on game design. Through detailed study of historical as well as current games, students will learn the language and structure needed to develop their own game ideas during the course term. Students will learn the many aspects of a game development team and learn how each of these roles contributes to a game's overall design. A strong focus on the elements of game design and process will support the development of a tabletop game through the iterative design process. Quizzes and tests will draw from reading and will be administered at the instructor's discretion.

The mid-term project will require students to develop an alpha prototype of a tabletop board game. The final project will require students to revise their initial design and further develop the prototype into a polished, functional game.

This Website

This website is to be used as a supplement for both versions of my classes (online and face-to-face), and also as a reference guide for students to make informed game design decisions throughout the semester. Each week is broken down so that decisions are manageable and not rushed. Some content may seem out of context or use lingo that could be puzzling for non-gamers, so I would recommend emailing me if confused (if you're an online student), or waiting for class to meet (if you're a face-to-face student) to answer any questions you may have.



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